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Send an oral assignment to your pupils!
Now it’s possible to send and receive oral assignments online.

Språklab is ...

... a next-generation web-based language lab - designed specifically for oral practice and interaction between teachers and pupils.

Any time. Any where.

Språklab is perfect for giving aural homework assignments.
No longer are you dependent on room-fulls of expensive equipment, or using valuable classroom time.

Simply send your assignments to your pupils, then listen to their responses, and then even comment back to them - all auraly.

Send an assigment

In litteraly seconds you can make and send an assignment to your pupils.

The assigment may contain both audio and text, and your pupils will be able to respond in kind.

Typically, an assignment will require a pupil to listen and repeat or respond, or follow a written or recorded instruction, usually requiring an aural response or productions of some kind.

Familiar interface

Ever used Facebook og Google+ ?
Good. Then you will feel right at home, and easily understand how to use Språklab 5.

You will right away see where and how to make an assignment, understand how to share it with your pupils, and easily be able to find your pupils responses to your assignment.

Språklab is today sold to schools in Norway by Ashcehoug Undervisning, Norway's biggest publisher. It is currently marketed as Lingua Studio.

Our Språklab-technology is also being used as part of a Spanish-project at the University of Oslo: "Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages": UiO:ILOS (NO) | UiO:ILOS (EN).

ARM Lingua is a small Norwegian company, focused on Language learning technologies online.

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